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የጥምር:ዕውቀት - The Unifiedknowledge Approach to Education (eBook)

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የጥምር:ዕውቀት - The Unifiedknowledge Approach to Education (eBook)

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“yeht'mr urwuk'eht (unifiedknowledge) is an approach to education in which art, maths and the sciences are taught as one – reflecting their naturally integrated basis.”

In the introduction it is explained that this overview is styled as “guidance for those preparing a 'community interest venture', 'business', 'service delivery' or ‘home education’ plan”. Schools of Unified Learning (SOUL) is about the establishment and maintenance of local, national and international networks of unifiedknowledge practice.

Please take this guide as an invitation to become a member of the network, gradually forming agreements that will fortify, enrich and expand your current educational service provisions or your conception of such services. Schools of Unified Learning is both an example and an incubation unit for the next generation of schools; schools of unified learning.
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unifiedknowledge practice is built on a great depth of considered thought and experience, this introductory overview is written to support a proper comprehension and value of our approach. This guide is structured as layered and organically related reasonings (sababu); each principle building and relating to the other. The unifiedknowledge Approach to Education is designed to be at the nucleus of panAfrican educational frameworks and builds on the global developments of so many great educationalists whose works celebrate humanity’s enduring dignity. The idea of “panAfrican” does not take away from its accessibility and value for people of other cultural origins, in fact, it helps all parties who are interested and willing to address current inequalities more progressively. Further, our designation of panAfrican only exists in the context of an integral value of global humanity and love (peace), clearly recognising the need to strengthen diversity in synergistic ways for the common good. Importantly, this educational approach does hold a profound relevance to communities of panAfrica (which include people of Africa, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora in Europe, the USA and globally).

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