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    Enrol NOW for next term: Start: Ongoing open enrolment Duration: 3 months (with flexibility) For: Parents, Teachers and other Professionals What does the course cover? Educating with Unifiedknowledge introduces an approach to learning where maths, culture, art, nature and science are explored in ways that make education properly connected to classical and contemporary African (Black) culture. The course defines the culture and objectives of the pedagogy (the approach to learning). Then explores its principles (guiding ideas), processes (ways of working) and protocols (codes of conduct & etiquette). You will gain a rich insight to each of these points and the oversight of how they interrelate with each other. A full bullet point summary of the Unifiedknowledge Approach to Learning is presented : here.

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    Abit's Secret - Overstanding the Warrior's Province. Let's explore our personal space with this life-long-learning story while it introduces key science & maths ideas for us along the way. የጥምር፡ዕውቀት፡፡ 1 st ideas of inner & outer space: Science, the Arts & Maths in one unifiedknowledge story.

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  3. የጥምር:ዕውቀት - The Unifiedknowledge Approach to Education (eBook)
    “yeht'mr urwuk'eht (unifiedknowledge) is an approach to education in which art, maths and the sciences are taught as one – reflecting their naturally integrated basis.” In the introduction it is explained that this overview is styled as “guidance for those preparing a 'community interest venture', 'business', 'service delivery' or ‘home education’ plan”. Schools of Unified Learning (SOUL) is about the establishment and maintenance of local, national and international networks of unifiedknowledge practice. Please take this guide as an invitation to become a member of the network, gradually forming agreements that will fortify, enrich and expand your current educational service provisions or your conception of such services. Schools of Unified Learning is both an example and an incubation unit for the next generation of schools; schools of unified learning. Learn More



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