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Abit's Secret - Overstanding the Warrior's Province (book)

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Abit's Secret - Overstanding the Warrior's Province (book)


Abit's Secret - Overstanding the Warrior's Province. Let's explore our personal space with this life-long-learning story while it introduces key science & maths ideas for us along the way. የጥምር፡ዕውቀት፡፡ 1 st ideas of inner & outer space: Science, the Arts & Maths in one unifiedknowledge story.

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Abit's Secret:


Abit's Secret has been designed for all ages.  As an early years resources parents are invited to read the book to their children and work with the interests stimulated by the allegorical (multi layered) story and illustrations.  Older children will be able to read the story, some with support from parents / teachers. 

The book invites interactivity with others (children, adults or mixed groups – the whole family). The book is also designed to introduce the Unifiedknowledge approach to education to parents and teachers, the final quarter of the book explains the pedagogy (learning system) behind the story, this helps parents and teachers see how to explore core maths and science ideas through the creative and cultural arts. 

There are activities that appear along the thread of the storyline, engagement with these are optional and adaptable to all ages and provide a great way for parents and teachers to interact with the young people they are with in very creative ways. 


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This Unifiedknowledge learning resource guides us through some of the key terms and principles of Dankira Tehwagi (African warrior dance).

Thereafter we look at five important shapes and forms. As you study these, you will realise just how prominent these shapes are in our day-to-day lives.

Next, we grasp the basic ideas of energy-matter, space and time. Now we’re ready to start defining personal space (“i-Province”), here we begin with i-Personal Province but ultimately we become aware of i-Universal Province (everything, the total life-field).

Through the study of the ‘small’, we can learn about the ‘large’ – as above so below. This defining process explores dimensions, centres, weight, mass, lengths, areas and volumes. Having defined this One is better able to visualise it.

This process of building deeper perception reveals that our personal space is vibrating; it has a pulse... well, several in fact. However, the fundamental nature of a pulse brings us into the subject of binary (counting with 1’s and 0’s) and that brings us neatly into the power of the Drum, here we discover that our natural patterns (mathematics) makes music.

This learning resource concludes with an introduction to Breath Command (ትንፋሽ:አዘዘ::, which is the beginning of another vital insight; mind-breath-body harmonisation.

Dance, sing and live free in the knowledge of One’s infinite capacity to create in (and with) this great life-field we call the universe.


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