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Astehmari Batekun - Director

Peoplescience Intelligence Unit


Unit Business in Summary:

This agency (The Unit) is focused around the provision of educational services and products themed for the integrated learning market (cross curricular learning). Many people nationwide, both children and adults find the learning of maths and the sciences challenging so our vision and mission is to make these subjects, in particular, more accessible by teaching them through/with creative arts.

We facilitate the marketing of workshops for schools (both primary and secondary), independent courses for the general public and sell learning resources. Our clients are schools, parents and teachers. Children tend to be the end beneficiaries of our services, via their teachers and parents.

Astehmari Batekun is the principal teacher of the integrated learning approach (pedagogy) known as Unifiedknowledge which the agency works to help advance globally, There is a large pool of graduate members and freelance associates who he works with on various kinds of projects and commissions.

Our intention is to develop 1) the volume of workshop commissions from schools, 2) our e-learning provisions and 3) a range of commercial learning resources for children, parents and teachers. With over 20k schools in the UK our business challenge is in reaching the right people in each school. Our premise is that every school should have a value for the enrichment of maths learning through the arts and appreciate the need for diversity and cultural enrichment for their learning communities.

The front-end of the business is the provision of integrated learning, the back-end is the administration and marketing required to secure and maintain the business. Word of mouth and reputation are important for the business however we also carry out regular emailing and postal mailings to prospective clients. We, with our associates and partners, attend educational events to make presentations, exhibit resources and carry-out taster workshops.

For example we manage SOUL's schools' workshops' website (, from here clients can hear testimonials and review more detail of our range of workshops and service packages. We manage two service brands; Peoplescience (learning resources, e-learning etc) and abunDANCE (workshops, performances etc).

The work of the agency is enjoyable as it serves the noble cause of educational advancement. Through the business we establish good relations with parents (families), teachers and young people, we are typically seen as mentors and guiding role models for both families and professionals.

We exist in an extensive network of creative educational service providers and have good partnerships with both the voluntary sector and statutory agencies. eg, Lambeth Council, Abundance Centres (UK), Village HQ CIC , The Fallibroome Academy, Schools Of Unified Learning, Trinity Centre (Dalston), Harris Academy (Peckham) etc


Peoplescience Intelligence Unit


Peoplescience Intelligence Unit

c/o Abundance Centres (UK),

Chestnuts Community Centre,

​280 St Ann’s Road, London N15 5BN

T: +44 (0)20 8144 1720

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Peoplescience Intelligence Unit is a trading function of

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