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Abit's Secret reveals a

new creative and integrated

way to learn the first key ideas

of inner and outer space;


Now Science, the Arts & Maths

are naturally unified

fun for all.



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ISBN: 978-0-9528229-8-1, A5 size, 100 pages.


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Abit's Secret is an imaginary pop-up book that journeys deeply into space to reveal its beautiful creative patterns (as found when studying life with maths and science).


As an 'edutaining' story expressed in the classic የጥምር፡ዕውቀት፡፡ unifiedknowledge way, it connects us to the deepest ideas of energy, matter and mind as children, families and the young at heart globally.


Parents and teachers work through this story with the young Ones until they can fly through it themselves as truly independent learners. Remember, as interests pop-up nurture and guide them.


Measuring i personal province



Three, young, African Crowned Crane birds (the Winchi) catch a glimpse of Abit's inner world. The wise Praying MantisAbit‘ allows them a taste of her wonderful insights on space, Abit's Secret.


Often in today's education the key foundational principles are not covered in enough depth in the early years, Abit's Secret sets a clear path for deep and personal experiential learning that will never be forgotten. Whilst highlighting core maths and science ideas the story makes them very accessible to the youngest children.


Every section brings natural links to fun activities (for home and school) that build deeper insight, the story combined with the illustrations stimulate natural interest which is key in learning.


Village life


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9 Triangle Numbers


Astehmari Batekun (author) as Principal Teacher for Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL) has been teaching Unifiedknowledge through cultural arts for over 20 years.


With a background in educational research and experience with teaching children, parents, families, teachers and school management professionals both nationally and internationally he has amassed much insight to share with communities globally. 


This story is grounded in Unifiedknowledge principles which means that there is a clear pedagogical structure through which the learning can be explored and built upon.


With this unique foundation Abit's Secret breaks new ground in restoring the value of “story” and family directed learning to the whole process of learning.



Mass and Speed


Practice Levels


Journey closely with Abit and her Crane bird friends, the story is not only fun but also a gateway into wholesome “unified” education for all. Science, the arts and maths taught as one; Learn more, be more, enjoy.




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            This book is part of our Community Builder Series,

            raising funds for the educational works of

            Abundance Centres (UK).




Book Launch Event - reviews and vibes:  @ Blue Water Family Winter Solstice (22nd Dec) 2015 Celebration

Book Launch Event - reviews and vibes:

@ Blue Water Family Winter Solstice (22nd Dec) 2015 Celebration 


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